Favourite films

Call me by your name 

This is one of my favourite films, because it has a fragile and warm atmosphere. It’s about Elio (son of Prof. Perlman, archaeologist and art historian) and Oliver, Perlmans guest for the summer. Perlman spends every summer in a small village in Italy, where the family has a vacation home. Elio, his seventeen year old son, spends a lot of time with the older American, Oliver. They’re experiencing a  passionate romance. I also love it because the images of the film are really beautiful. Another thing worth mentioning are the outfits. I really love them. The film is also the breakthrough of the young actor Timothée Chalamet, who plays Elio. He won a lot of prices for his stunning performance.


Sing Street 

This coming-of-age film is about Conor, who is experiencing troubles at home. His parents sent him to Synge Street CBS, a school who has very strict rules and a precise uniform with grey shoes. Conor  shows up in the uniform wearing brown shoes. Later in the film he also shows up wearing make-up and with coloured hair. He wants to rebel. To impress a girl, he sets up a band.The band makes catchy songs in their basement and they are dreaming of recording in London.  Conor also writes a love sing for his girl, named To Find You. After I’ve seen the film, I listened this song a hundred times. I love the film because the 80s vibe is something I have a soft spot for. In addition, I like Conor and the way he wants to express himself and rebels against the system of the strict school in Ireland.

Brokeback Mountain 

This has been one of my favourites for a really long time. I have watched it over and over and over again. It still gets me every time. It’s about Ennis and Jack, played by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, who are herding sheep through the summer in the mountains. During a drunk night, Jack makes a move on Ennis. At first he is hesitating, but eventually he responds to the advances. Even though Ennis told Jack it was a one-time mistake, it leads to a passionate sexual romance. After the summer, they tear apart and they both get married. After a few years, Jack visits Ennis. Their romance starts again, this time during fishing trips. It’s Jack who insists on giving up their lives and live together on a ranch. Ennis resists the idea, because his environment has always been dismissive to homosexuality. The end is very emotional, it always sets me to tears even though I already know what will happen. In addition I have a thing for Heath Ledger. Heath is, in my opinion, one of the best actors of the 90s and 00s.

The Dreamers 

This film by Bernardo Bertolucci is one of the films I’ve watched several times last summer. It’s about Matthew, an American exchange student, studying French in Paris. There he meets the twins Théo and Isabelle. When their parents left for a trip, Théo and Isabell ask him to stay. He agrees, considering them as his first French friends. Despite their shared passion for film, there are several things that make him feel uncomfortable. He sees Théo and Isabell sleeping next to each other- naked. Soon he understands that they accept nudity and sexual liberty. The three of them play a game over and over again. One of them re-enacts a scene from a film, and the others have to guess what film he or she plays. If they can’t guess it, they receive a punishment. The film is sometimes a little bit weird, but I also love to see the evolution of the relationship between the three of them.

Into the Wild 

I adore this film for the way they’re imaging nature. The film had great locations. It’s based on a real story, namely the life story of Christopher McCandless. One day, something snapped, he sold all his stuff, burned his last possessions, and gave everything up to flee from the society and go to live in the pure nature. His ultimate dream was to go to the Stampede Trail, in Alaska. He got there and lived there, from hunting and from the things nature gave him. Eventually, he died in the woods. Until today we still don’t know for sure what he died of.

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